Touch Screen Phone Stylus with Pen

This two-in-one stylus and pen is compatible with the iPhone, as well as most non-heat sensitive touch screen devices.

Not everyone wants to use their fingers to operate their phone; perhaps you have a job that involves getting your hands dirty or you have beautifully manicured long nails that you don’t want to risk damaging but still want the latest mobile. Now, there’s a useful and stylish stylus that’s an ideal alternative to using your fingers on touch screen phones.

Designed to fit in your pocket, purse or to slot inside your phone’s case, an extra feature is a convenient ballpoint pen just in case you need to be really old fashioned and actually write something down too!

The sensitive stylus tip with spring design ensures smooth navigation and flexible tapping. Some people even find it faster and easier to use than their fingers!

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Touch Screen Phone Stylus with Pen
Touch Screen Phone Stylus with Pen

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