How to Hang the Art Clock

1.  Look out for the hanging slot at the back of the wooden base – it is about 2.5cm from the top.

Back view of wooden base (before padding)

Back view of wooden base (before padding)


2.  Place a nail (At least 4-5cm into the wall), or drill a hole to insert a nut (4-5cm depth as minimum).


3.  Hang the painting / clock by inserting the nail / nut into the slot.  If the nut cap is larger than the slot, insert it from the side of the slot where the hole is largest in size.


4.  Adjust (left or right) for the painting to reach a horizontal level.


Note: Please ensure that the nails are placed into the wall at an exact horizontal level with equal spacing apart.  Thus it is recommended to engage help from a reliable handyman if drilling of wall is required. 


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