Wall Decal Design Tips

A Basic "How To" Guide


What’s the best way to apply SlickSticks™ wall decals?

Here’s a detailed step by step to help you out…
(Even though SlickSticks™ are made to be durable yet removable, it’s always a good idea to test your surface prior to application. The degree to which SlickSticks™ may be removed depends on the type of surface they’re applied to.)
Some helpful tips before you start

1. Make sure your surface is CLEAN. It’s not always necessary to clean your surface but we recommend wiping with a bit of rubbing alcohol or dust with a clean cloth. SlickSticks™ go on easiest on oil free, dust free surfaces.
2. Layout your design before applying. Use a small piece of tape to hold your shapes in place so you can make sure everything is where and how you want it. If you need to move things around, this makes it super easy. Now imagine trying to do that with a stencil and paint… (that’s no fun!)

3. Use the BlueTool™ and rub over the magic application film and design prior to applying the piece to your surface. This only takes a second and helps with the application process.


apply wall decals

Design Ideas

SlickSticks™ works great on walls but many people like to get creative with them and apply them to a variety of surfaces.

Heres some ideas to kick start your creative juices:

• Decorate your car (yeah...were serious)

• Furniture. SlickSticks™ stay on tables, bookcases, headboards...and really can change the look of things... in a good way of course!

• Windows. Use them on sliding door windows (guests won’t bang their heads into the door anymore,) car windows, office windows, shop windows, add color and any of our cool designs to glass... they will really stand out.

• School... yep.. we’ve had people put them on their book jackets and folders, lockers...hey what can we say... they love being unique.

• Canvases. Some of are art friends and employess have actually created some fine art by applying SlickSticks™ to their canvases and paintings.

Tips for Removing SlickSticks™

(In the slim chance that you want to take down one of your designs...)

SlickSticks™ are made to stay on and be durable yet removable..however you should use caution in removing slicksticks. The type of surface they are applied to and how long they have been up can affect how smoothly they remove.

Here’s the most important recommendations:

1. Start slowly and slowly peel the design off.
2. Do not rip the design off of painted surfaces… this may pull some paint with it…. (you know… common sense like)
3. Use the BlueTool™ (you did keep it right?) to help you lift a corner up!


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